Project Details
Location Houston, Texas
General Contractor
Contract Amount $175,000
Completion Date 03/22/2019

Melton did some work on Minute Maid Park in Houston. This project was very fun to be a part of, and everyone involved in the execution gave their all to make sure that Minute Maid would look and operate better then it did before. Here’s what Jon Henley, a project manager at Melton Electric, had to say about the work that Melton did on the Minute Maid Premiere Entrance. 

melton electric minute maid park premere entrance

In a few sentences, what was the purpose of this job? What was the client’s goal?

-To provide updated entry for the suites and season ticket holders. Including new ticket office, canopies, and the addition of the Love Street Bar.

What was Melton’s part in this project? 

-Melton provided power and lighting upgrades throughout the stadium 

Start date, end date? Finished on time or ahead of schedule?

-11/20/2018 – 3/22/2019, completed on time.

Key stats:

-Approximate size/value of the project? $175,000.00

-Number of Melton Employees used? 5 

melton electric minute maid premere entrance

Why did the client or general contractor choose Melton?

-Always about the money. We provide quality service to all of our customers in a timely, affordable fashion.

Has Melton worked at this location or for this client before? 


What are you most proud of on this project?

-This was our first project out at Minute Maid Park and everything went very smoothly. The project was completed on time, and everyone worked very well together. 

Is there a Melton employee that you would like to recognize, why? 

-Tyler English. He was the general foreman on the project. His attention to detail and ability to work with the GC and facility personnel made the project a success.