Project Details
Location Northside and Westside Lexus
General Contractor
Contract Amount $9,300,000
Completion Date

Melton did a project for Northside & Westside Lexus that went far beyond the clients expectations. Here’s what Craig Garman, the project manager of Melton Electric, had to say about the work Melton did for Northside & Westside Lexus. 

northside and westside lexus lighting

In a few sentences, what was the purpose of this job? What was the client’s goal?

-The client’s goal was to update systems and expand in an effort to provide customers with better services and more inventory.

What was Melton’s part in this project?

-Melton is installing the electrical scope; power and lighting

Key stats of the project?

A. Approximate size/value of the project.

$4,800,000.00 – Northside Lexus

$4,600,000.00 – Westside Lexus

B. Ran X feet (or miles) of wire?

750,000’ on Northside Lexus

500,000’ on Westside Lexus

C. Number of Melton Employees used?

10 average – Northside Lexus

12 average – Westside Lexus

Why did the client or general contractor choose Melton?

-Availability of skilled labor and past project relationships. 

Has Melton worked at this location or for this client before?


Any first time, new, unique, or tricky parts of the project that you would like to note?

-These were the first major car dealerships our company has ever done.

What did you/Melton learn from this project?

-How to wire/connect car washes

-Paint booths and other specialized equipment for auto care/maintenance.

What are you most proud of on this project?

-The lighting and overall look of the final product/design.

Is there a Melton employee that you would like to recognize, why? (performance, safety, leadership, work ethic)

-Westside Lexus – Roger Leal: Roger pays great attention to detail and that helped our project run smoothly! He was ‘THE’ reason the Westside Lexus project was a success.

-Northside Lexus – Brian Jones: Northside Lexus was Brian’s first ‘large’ project. Brian used his previous knowledge of smaller projects combined with his drive to complete tasks timely/correctly to make Northside a success.

-All our employees. Without the skilled help from our crews, we would never be able to complete these projects and be successful. The men and women that helped on Northside and Westside Lexus sacrificed personal time on the weekends to make turnover dates and satisfy our clients.